Like any other nation in the world, Japan is also crazy about “fat loss fads”.
I first learned about Japanese Enzymes through a colleague of mine at the gym, but that’s not the best way to get your information, everyone there has their favorite “Fat loss miracle” they swear by it, and most of the time it’s just the placebo effect they get from it that motivates them to work out harder and eat better, and they end up losing weight and giving credit to whatever pill, juice or device they used.

I promised myself that I would not ever put anything without an actual scientific backing, into my body. Hence why I was skeptical about these new enzymes (which aren’t new, they’re just new to me and the American market it seems). I decided to do my research and ended up learning a lot about them.

There are many different enzymes out there, it may come in tablet form or as a liquid in glass bottles. They are made up of natural ingredients such as brown rice, papayas, and yeast. They are usually consumed with a meal, even though some people prefer to have them on an empty stomach for a fuller “cleansing” if you would.

The reason these enzymes work is due to fermentation, the same reason why Yogurt, Sauerkraut, and other fermented foods are amazing for your digestive system, especially if you consume large amounts of meat. These new Japanese Enzymes just provide a much more concentrated amount without having to eat large amounts of food.

There are many products out there that guarantee they have the best quality enzymes, but I do find that Japanese brands are more reliable since the Japanese have a very long history of dealing with enzymes. It’s what makes soy sauce or sake so flavorful, they are true masters when it comes to fermenting foods.

Great, but will I lose weight? 

There is actual scientific proof that consuming fermented foods will not only make your skin glow, give you more energy but it will also help you lose weight. Most of us do not digest foods properly and the enzymes help break down food particles, which means that what is not absorbed immediately by your body for nutrients will go to waste, therefore “cleansing” you of unnecessary weight if you would.

While it is no miracle, it does offer a plethora of benefits to anyone’s lifestyle. It’s certainly worth a try, especially due to all the health benefits attached. I have already noticed the amount of energy that I experience throughout the day since I started supplementing with enzymes. I have less mental fog and I can go longer without needing a cup of coffee, which is another great benefit.  Obviously, those that already consume higher amounts of Sauerkraut, Kimchi or any other type of fermented foods already, may not notice much difference, unfortunately, around here, we do not have a culture of consuming fermented foods, which is why I believe the majority of people will benefit from this.


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